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Family Law Bacchus Marsh

Our family lawyers are particularly sensitive to the issues associated with the preservation of assets of divorcing couples and relationships with children.

Our philosophy of closely supporting clients includes early intervention to protect relationships, maximize parties' entitlements and preserve the family assets. "Paving the Way" is our approach in developing a common framework of easily understood principles to guide clients towards a less devastating impact on the family at separation.

Complex property Settlements

We are experts in identifying and dealing with complex property settlements involving income and payments from family trusts, social security payments, stamp duty and other taxation issues.

The impact of legislation dealing with the superannuation entitlements of parties to a marriage is also an area of expertise.

Nevett Ford works hard to resolve disputes cost effectively, whilst minimising the damaging effects of family breakup.

Family Law Bacchus Marsh

Bryarne Weir Senior Associate/Family Lawyer

LL.B (Monash University)

Call 03 5366 3807 (direct)

Ashlyn McCurdy Senior Associate/Family Lawyer

B.Bus (Econ) LL.B (La Trobe University)

Call 03 5337 0285 (direct)

Kelly Evans

Family Law Paralegal

Annette Higgins

Family Law Paralegal

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