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Nevett Ford has extensive experience in the area of wills, estate planning and probate.

Our experience in estate administration means that we can assist in completing applications for Probate in a timely fashion and in so doing relieve the anxiety that is associated with the death of a loved one.

Nevett Ford is able to offer practical assistance and advice that draws on this experience.

We provide a realistic and practical approach when dealing with wills and family disputes and estate planning issues.  We are experienced in preparing testamentary trust wills suitable for clients with complex business or investment structures or specific family circumstances,  such us a  family member with a disability.

As in other areas of our practice, our focus is on providing a personalized, friendly and prompt service, with costs explained up front.

Our Wills, Estate Planing and Probate Workgroup

Paul Stephens

Director, Accredited Specialist in Business Law

Peter Wilson

Consultant, Accredited Specialist in Mediation

Kent Mallinson

Senior Associate, Accredited Specialist in Business Law

Shona Moore

Probate Manager