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Business and Commercial Law Publications

Good Governance

A pocket guide for directors and CEO's This practical booklet grew from the demand by business leaders at a Business Expo in 2000.  The presentation made by Peter Wilson, Nevett Ford targets the key elements needed by a Board or Committee of Management to become...

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Asset Protection Basics

If you are about to buy, or are in the early stages of operating a new business, you should be careful to choose the most suitable ownership structure. Often, all too little attention is given to this important issue. Once you are locked in to a certain structure, it...

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Personal Property Securities

Does your business’s asset protection structure still work? Introduction of the personal property securities (PPS) scheme in 2012 brought in the biggest change to business law in many years. In simple terms, the scheme: establishes a single, national, public,...

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VCAT Advisory Opinion

Retail Leases On 1 May 2015 an Advisory Opinion was handed down by Justice Garde, the President of VCAT, in response to an application by the Small Business Commissioner (SBC). The application was made by the SBC with respect to the ability of landlords to recover...

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Fundraising in Victoria

Organisations that conduct fundraising activities need to ensure they comply with Victoria’s fundraising laws, and if they conduct fundraising activities outside of the state of Victoria, then they must also comply with the different fundraising laws for those other...

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Buying a New Franchise? Top Tips

Franchising continues to boom – understandably, being the purchase of a ready-to-go business system, with backup support and an established product, name and logo. But franchises have a dark side too. Requiring a large investment of time and money over many years, it...

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