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Family Law Publications

Child Support Reform

The Australian Child Support Scheme has undergone major reform and has been introduced in three stages. The reform is in response to the report of the Ministerial Task Force on Child Support released in June 2005, "In the Best Interests of Children – Reforming The...

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Adult Maintenance for Children over 18

The Family Law Act makes provision for orders to be made for the financial support necessary for the maintenance of a child. In making orders, the Court must, among other things, take into account the proper needs of the child and have regard to the age, the manner in...

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The Relationships Act 2008 (Vic)

The Relationships Act 2008 (Vic) deals with the way in which parties' property and financial resources will be distributed, in the event of the breakdown of the relationship. Parties is domestic relationships (formerly known as de facto relationships) should be aware...

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