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Property Law and Conveyancing Publications

Soil Test Special Conditions

Be wary of Vendor prepared soil test special conditions For many Australians, buying vacant land in a new estate, and then building their dream home, is a cheaper alternative to buying an existing residential dwelling.  Buying vacant land in a new development, and...

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Capital Gains Withholding Tax

In an effort to combat tax avoidance by foreign residents in 2016 the Federal Government introduced new laws requiring the purchasers of real estate worth $2 million or more to withhold 10% of the purchase price at settlement and remit it to the ATO unless the seller...

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Double Duty and Land Development

The Victorian Government can assess double duty on a transaction where the purchaser named in the contract of sale is different to the person to whom the property is ultimately transferred, unless an exemption applies. If a purchaser and the subsequent purchaser do...

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Withholding Tax on Real Estate

The Federal Government has introduced legislation that will significantly affect vendors of property valued at $750,000 or more. The aim of the legislation is to prevent foreign residents from avoiding Australian capital gains tax. When a foreign resident disposes of...

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