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Enduring Power of Attorney

Can we help you? Enduring power of attorney (financial) Maintaining financial control of your life is all-important, but sometimes things happen to lessen that control. It may be as simple as being unable to attend to your finances because you are overseas, or...

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Powers of Attorney Victoria

Advice for Attorneys The Powers of Attorney Act 2014 sets out the powers and responsibilities of a person(s) appointed as an attorney under an enduring power of attorney. The effect of an enduring power of attorney is to have the person (the principal) appoint someone...

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Who can challenge my will?

Many clients assume they can, on death, leave their assets to whomever they choose.  They are dismayed to learn, when instructing a lawyer to prepare their will, that it can be challenged. Until recently, anyone could challenge a will, whether or not married or...

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Wills and Superannuation

A common misconception arises when people make Wills assuming that their superannuation forms part of their estate and can be gifted in their Will.  This is not the case. Superannuation funds and benefits now comprise a significant part of a person’s wealth. When...

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Separation and Divorce

Should I consider the provisions of my current will? In the event of a breakdown of the domestic relationship with your spouse or partner, it is imperative that you review your Will. Whilst the Will that you have made will be revoked once you are divorced (in the case...

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